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  • What is in the ENERCHIA® blend?
    The ENERCHIA® Protein Blend contains 14g of plant-based protein, made from a mixture of Pea Protein, chia, hemp flax, quinoa seeds, granola oats and other functional ingredients.
  • What Superfoods are in a ENERCHIA® Bar?
    Superfoods in the ENERCHIA® Bar include pea protein isolate, chia seeds, and Quinoa.
  • How much Sugar is in each ENERCHIA® Bar?
    Each ENERCHIA® Bar contains 9g-15g of sugar, depending on the flavor.
  • What are ENERCHIA® Bars sweetened with?
    ENERCHIA® bars are lightly sweetened with high-quality organic agave nectar and cinnamon.
  • Are there Nuts in ENERCHIA® Bars?
    Yes, they contain Almonds.
  • How many calories are there in an ENERCHIA® Bar?
    Each 75g of ENERCHIA® Bar contains 328 calories, depending on the flavor.
  • How much fiber is there in an ENERCHIA® Bar?
    Each ENERCHIA® bar has 4g-6g of fiber, depending on the flavor.
  • Are ENERCHIA® Bars Gluten Free?
    ENERCHIA® bars use Gluten-Free ingredients but are not made in a dedicated and certified Gluten Free facility.
  • Are ENERCHIA® Bars Non-GMO?
    Yes! ENERCHIA® bars are non-GMO, verification pending.
  • Are ENERCHIA® Bars Vegan?
    Yes! ENERCHIA® bars are vegan, verification pending.
  • Where can I buy ENERCHIA® Bars?
    We’ve provided a location finder in this website to help you buy ENERCHIA® Bars at a retail location.
  • How do I get stores near me to carry ENERCHIA® Bars?
    If you would like stores to carry ENERCHIA® bars in the area that you live, please speak to the store manager/owner or send this provided request to the stores! For your effort and loyalty, with our compliments, you will receive a box of six ENERCHIA® (flavor of your choice) or promotional coupon with similar value. "Dear Store Manager, I am a regular customer at your store and kindly request that you carry ENERCHIA® bars. I love ENERCHIA® because all of the bars in the line use Plant-based protein, are Non-GMO, and have only 3-5g of naturally occurring sugar. They have 3 great flavors that are packed full of beneficial nutrients and superfoods. I believe this is a unique product that will be successful in your store. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,"
  • What shipping options does ENERCHIA® offer?
    We offer Ground shipping for a flat rate of $10. Free shipping for orders over $40 or wholesale orders of 48 (4 x 12) bars -- to be shipped in Canada or the continental USA.
  • Does ENERCHIA® offer free shipping?
    We offer free shipping on retail orders over $40, or wholesale orders of 48 (4 x 12) bars shipped in Canada and the continental USA.
  • Does ENERCHIA® ship internationally?
    We do not ship internationally at this time.
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